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We have all been there when being scammed at least once in the lifetime was on our bucket list because it is the most human thing which one should go through in the world of today and online shopping. As funny and normal as it sounds, it can be equally frustrating for every single person out there. So how does one check the credibility of these sites? Here’s how:

  • Check website’s connection type

This is something which not all of us seem to pay attention to when it comes to checking the credibility because it does involve the knowledge of a technician and web developer. This is nothing too confusing all you have to do is look into the connection type or URL of website. If it contains ‘https’ then just know that it is credible enough and certified by the google. Uncertain websites will always use ‘http’.

  • Check security

This is an amazing feature added by google to its browsing site. It helps you in knowing if the site you are using is secure or not by simply clicking on the padlock and seeing its encryption method. The moment you understand the sites security standards, it will become easier for you to know if you should continue using it or stop in the midway.

  • Look for English and grammar

Number one step to gaining trust and confidence of consumers is by making sure that you are using the right grammar and words to put together your thoughts. If a site with bad English, awkward phrasing and grammatical as well as spelling errors is loading in front of you then the chances of the site being fake are high enough for you to log out and get all your security concerns checked.

  • Watch out for ads

This is something which all of us hate and think that keeping up with the adds is something that we have to do in order to get things. This shouldn’t be the case at all. If you see a site with a number of ads which seem to be inappropriate and invasive then you should immediately log out. These ads could be the ones which redirects you to other page or asks you to complete a survey or questionnaire to receive what you are looking for.