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Whether you are heavy or thin, whether you are muscular or chubby,  have an hour-glass body shape or banana body shape,  nothing matters the most except that whether you are healthy or not. Health and being healthy is the most important thing than every other thing because it is the health that let you give you fulfill your dreams and goals by making your hands and feet able to move and work, it is your health that let you earn money by working hard at workplace either mentally or physically or both and it is your health that save your money by letting you not to spend them on medicines.

Therefore, health is considered as wealth and that’s why it us advised and recommend to people to take care of their health otherwise their own health will bring them down.

To remain or to become healthy, you don’t need to spend slot of money and you don’t need to follow strict diet. All you need to do is to do what your body want from you.

What do your body want from you?  Do you have any idea? If yes, then good but if no then you should know about your body. Read below and found out!

  1. Effort: First and foremost, your body want to make effort. It wants to move and play all around, yet it makes itself tired and sweaty, but on the other hand it makes the body fresh again. It is the effort that keeps the body young and functional. Therefore, do exercise for at least 45 minutes daily. It will let you to feel something positive. It will make your brain more functional because the more you work, the more your body will open and brain is also part of your body. To make effort, you can walk in park or do yoga or morning exercise. You can also jog or brisk walk at evening too. Do what is better for you and your body.
  2. Sleep: Sleep is not the process of relaxation. It is the time when your brain heal the damaged tissues and worn out cells to make your body able to perform it’s daily tasks again. Therefore, it is very important to have sound sleep at least for eight hours daily at night. The more well you sleep, the more your body will be healed. And please do not sleep for ten or twelve hours. It is not good because too much sleeping can cause harm because your organs are arranged in specific angles. We all sleep in different position due to which your organs will find it difficult to work again because of being in different positions for thinking hours while sleeping.
  3. Eating habits: Your eating habits have impact on your health. Try to improve them. Try to chew your food more and more, it will let your stomach to scratch out more nutrients from it and in return you will feel less hungry.

So, these are top ways to remain and become healthy. Follow them and experience change.