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Every person is born beautiful. Not everyone work to preserve their beauty but some cross every barrier standing in their way to reach the ”standard” of the beauty set by the society. Being attractive has become a goal, people dress to impress. Looking good and attractive makes one feel good and confident about themselves. They can attend to their social activities with confidence, without having a bad feeling about themselves. People usually try to be around the people who are physically attractive and good looking. Hence this concludes that attractive people are usually less lonely, more sociable and more popular as compared to people who do not work upon themselves and try to look good and presentable. 

It is a fact that looking good and presentable is important in our current society but today; our media has set standards and boundaries for who is actually ugly and who is beautiful. Children’s mindsets are being made by “Beautiful is Good” and “Ugly is bad” and that makes them bully their fellow beings whom they do not find as beautiful or attractive. This makes many children lose confidence and faith in them and they are not able to participate in the society as effectively as other children. If we take a look at a teenager’s magazine or a fashion magazine, we’ll see loads and loads of advertisements regarding make up, skin lotions and creams, perfumes and clothing that would make you look slim and smart.

Modern Solutions:

Although these standards motivate many people to work their best and look good, lose weight, go to gym on a regular basis, and go on a diet and things like that. But other times, it puts many people in great depression. Studies show that has also derived many young boys and girls to commit suicide slit their throats due to all the bully they faced on a daily basis. There’s a third category of people who cross all limits of nature to reach these standards. Yes, Plastic Surgery is one of the leading trends these days. Several factors drive people to get plastic surgery which include body dissatisfaction, not having confidence in their natural looks. Some of the examples of surgeries which people are acquiring these days are lip fillers Dubai, facelift, hair transplantation etc. Aesthetic medical centers are available worldwide with able and talented plastic surgeons who work miracles, giving people the physical features that they truly desire.